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Motorcycle Fundamentals Masterclass

Ken Hill @ Pitt Race AUG 12th & AUG 13th

An ICONIC COMBINATION that you cannot miss!!
$ 1299
  • Guaranteed 4:1 student to instructor ratio
  • Two small groups of 15-20 riders, split between Novice/Low Intermediate and High Intermediate/Advanced
  • 45-minute sessions, switching between the classroom and on track
  • Printed Masterclas curriculum materials provided for classroom workshops
  • Catered lunch provided on both days and Dinner on First Day
  • Motorcycle rentals are available for $700 (both days) plus $299 for optional insurance

MASTERCLASS FUndamentals Overview By KEN

The Masterclass curriculum follows Ken Hill’s Order of the Sport, which teaches the six fundamentals of motorcycle riding and best practice techniques used by the world’s top riders.

The scalable, step-by-step methodology is designed to help riders of all skill levels become faster, safer, and more confident, whether they ride on the street or on the racetrack.

Ken’s approach embraces holistic rider development and includes training both on and off the bike, combining theoretical instruction of key concepts and techniques with on-track drills to develop mental, physical, and technical mastery.

The day is divided into classroom and on-track sessions. In the classroom, Ken Hill will lead students through a comprehensive introduction to the six fundamentals of the sport:

  • Bike Placement,
  • Vision and Focus,
  • Motor Controls,
  • Brake Adjustability,
  • Turn-In Point and Turn-In Rate, and
  • Body Position and Body Timing.

Students will receive printed materials with key information and visual aids for each topic.

Additional sessions will also focus on electronics and data, specifically how to collect and review video and GPS speed data.

These classes will be followed by on-track sessions and practice drills, supported by trained instructors, to help students achieve key skill objectives in each area.

With only 15-20 riders per group, students will work closely with instructors and receive personalized support to build a tailored pathway to their riding goals.

Please note that due to this emphasis on individualized training, registration will be limited to 40 students.

Typical Schedule Overview


Signup early to save maximum $$$

  • $1299 – Before May 31st
  • $1399 – between Jun 1st – Jun 30th
  • $1499 – Jul 1st Onwards


  • Up until May 31st – Full Refund (minus 5% processing fee)
  • Between Jun 1st to Jun 30th – No refunds, but you can reschedule your class once or elect to take credit for using with Precision Track Days events
  • Jul 1st onwards – No refunds or credits will be provided unless you or we can find someone else to take / purchase your spot i.e. we can clear someone from the waitlist or you find someone to sell the spot. If this works out, you can opt for a Precision Track Day credit or rescheduling a single time (minus a 5% processing fee), but there are no cancellation or refunds during this window
*Please note all deposits paid as well as motorcylcle rentals + damage cap waiver are non-refundable, regardless of the date


Ken Hill raced motorcycles for over 20 years before making the switch to professional coaching. Over the last 15 years, he has produced and worked with numerous national championship-winning riders, including JD Beach and Hayden Gillim. He first started coaching at the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School from 2003-2008, then served as lead instructor for its successor, the Yamaha Champions Riding School, until 2015. He also led and developed the curriculum for the Rick Development Camp for aspiring championship racers, served as head coach and crew chief for the Rickdiculous racing team at MotoAmerica, and directed riding programs and schools for track day organizers and riders across the country. Currently, he runs the MotoAmerica Supersport program for CJ LaRoche, and continues to work with other riders, drivers, and track day providers through his private company, Ken Hill Coaching. Online, you can find his work and educational resources by listening to his podcast or subscribing to his Substack: Motorsports Coaching.