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Guidelines, Process, Best Practices & Disclaimers


  • Track Day Cancellation Credit is for Premium Members Only
    • You must be an active and paid Premium member to take advantage of this benefit
  • Cancellation Credit Request Deadline is BEFORE Event Start
    • This means for most events it will be before 8AM EST on the day of event
  • If you meet the above conditions, you can request to get credit for the amount paid towards any of our other track days
  • If you do not have a Premium membership, you are not eligible to use this form. Please do not do so as it will be rejected automatically


  • Complete the form below to initiate the credit request after you have validated you meet all of the above rules
  • To complete the credit request form, you will need your Customer ID, and the Order ID that you want to be credited
  • Once the form below is completed
    • An acknowledgement email will be sent to your inbox
    • If you have valid credits available, the request will be processed within 48 hours (or sooner in most cases)
  • Once the credit process has been completed successfully, you will get a confirmation email stating the process is completed and a credit is now available for you to use


  • Please be mindful of the deadlines – do not expect to start a process at 7:59:59AM and expect it to be completed successfully. Due to multiple network conditions beyond our control, you can miss the transfer deadline. Always begin the process early!


  • We operate on a no cash-back / refund policy and only credits can be issued
  • All credits will be issued in form of Precision Track Day gift cards
  • The credits gift card will expire exactly 1 year after its issue date. 
  • The gift card can be used to purchase any products – individual track days, packages, and/or any add-on’s


  • Precision Track Day LLC and/or any of its members, vendors, administrators, authors or anyone else connected with Precision Track Day LLC, in any way whatsoever, are NOT responsible in any shape or form for any errors, omissions, etc
  • it is YOUR responsibility to complete the credit request process accurately and in a timely manner