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We offer 4 Riding Groups (Typically 7 – 15 minute sessions)

  • Group A – Expert

  • Group B – Intermediate

  • Group C – Amateur

  • Group D – Beginner

We offer 4 riding skills group to ensure we can provide a safe and fun environment for ALL riders, beginner to expert – we firmly believe in providing a stepping stone for riders transitioning from Beginner to Intermediate levels. There is no reason that you first “intermediate group experience have to be a thunderdome!”

If your desired group is sold out, please don’t sign up for the wrong group just to get in. Only ride in the group that suits you best. When entering the track going into turn one, always locate your blend line. Look over your shoulder and blend with extreme caution. Please understand we reserve the right to change your riding group based on what we see on the track. You may get bumped up or down a group based on our coaches discretion. If your group needs to be changed and there is no space in your new group, you will likely miss riding that day and there will be absolutely NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for this situation. Hence, PLEASE be honest with yourself and choose the right riding skill group!


Group A – Expert

You know who you are, just play nice!!
**If you wish to be in the Expert (A) Group, please create your online account and email your current expert race license (white plates) to [email protected] or ask an instructor for the Expert group evaluation at your next event.**

You CANNOT sign up for this group automatically. Please email us a copy of your EXPERT race license at [email protected]

Group B – Intermediate

If you are an intermediate group rider, you likely have completed multiple track days in intermediate or advance group with other orgs and are VERY comfortable with high speeds and passing (and being passed) anywhere on the track. You may also be a yellow plate racer.

**If you wish to be in Group B, please create your online account and email a screenshot of your profile from one of the other track day organization that clearly shows your name and riding skill level to [email protected]**

Group C – Amateur

Amateur riders have some track experience but are still developing their skills and confidence. You may have attended a few track days and have a basic understanding of riding dynamics. Unlike beginners, amateurs are more comfortable with higher speeds and may have started to refine their cornering and braking techniques.

This group provides a stepping stone for riders transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels to learn proper riding techniques

Group D – Beginner

Riders in the Beginner group are brand new to track riding or have very limited experience. They may still be learning the basics of motorcycle control and track etiquette. Beginners are often focused on gaining confidence in their riding abilities, understanding fundamental techniques, and becoming familiar with the track environment. This group typically emphasizes very structured instruction and guidance to help riders navigate their time on the track safely and comfortably.