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You have a few options

  1. Buy Early to save $50 OFF the 2 day events!
  2. Buy a membership – Premium members save $100 on a weekend from the list price
    1. Yo also get free track entry, electric and camping! Plus Free Tire Flips & Mounts for the entire 2024 year!
    2. If you attend 11 individual days (aka 5.5 weekends or just 50% of our events), membership will renew for free!
    3. For more details, please check out our membership details page
  3. Buy Packages (bundled track days by track) for one set price!
  4. Buy 2024 Season Pass! This includes all track days for 2024 and premium membership! Only $2799 for $4K worth of value

Yes, absolutely! We have partnered with Ken Hill to bring you the most comprehensive riding skill improvement days for all levels of riders! Check out our page for more details and sign-up here

Yes absolutely! We offer

  • $50 OFF the weekend for buying 30 days or more before the event date 
  • $25 OFF the weekend for buying between 16-29 days before the event date 

Our track day events run rain or shine, including 1on1 coaching. We do not provide refunds or credits to non-members for any part of the order due to weather conditions, unless the track authorities decide to close the facility.

Event Cancellations

In the event that Precision Track Day, LLC or the Race Tracks cancels an event for ANY REASON, we will issue a credit equal to the amount paid. Please note that track day credits, coupons, discounts, or gift certificates must be utilized in the current year and will not be carried over to the following year.

Please review our guidelines here 

If your desired group is fully booked, please do not register for an alternative group simply to secure a spot.

It’s essential to choose the group that aligns with your skill level. If our event is at capacity and you’ve selected the wrong group, you may need to wait until a spot becomes available in the appropriate group after being moved.

Not only your motorcycle needs to pass tech but also your gear! Please make sure to review our requirements before you come to the track. If you fail technical inspection, no refund or credit will be provided

To participate in our track day events, you must have the following riding gear:

  • DOT full-face helmet (modular helmets are not permitted)
  • One-piece leather suit or two-piece leather suit that zips together
  • Gloves
  • Boots

While riders in the Novice group have the option to wear a textile one-piece or two-piece suit with protective armor, we strongly recommend wearing full leathers for your safety. For more details, please see our guidelines  

You can bring a wide variety of motorcycles to our events. Depending on the track, your motorcycle must have a displacement of at least 125cc or 250cc and be in proper working condition. Please be aware that certain tracks, like JenningsGP, may have specific sound restrictions, which could require you to use a stock exhaust or install a baffle in your aftermarket exhaust system. If you have questions about your motorcycle’s eligibility, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Typically no more than 20-25 depending on the track. We not only believe but also provide you with the most quality track time in the southeast! 

We always strive for 4:1 in our new rider groups i.e. Novice (Group D) & New Intermediate (Group C) in addition to having sweepers to ensure no rider is left alone!

The more experienced groups i.e. Experience Intermediate (Group B) and Expert (Group A) are less supervised but we always have 2-3 coaches in each of these groups as well!

Yes, absolutely! We offer 1 on 1 coaching as an add-on to your track day purchase! Some of our pro coaches include Michael Henao, Eziah Davis and Mark Morrow

We also have over 50+ dedicated individuals who can help you go faster while becoming safer!

If you fail tech or gear inspection, you will not be allowed to go on the track and no refund or credit will be provided

In the unfortunate event of a crash, the following procedures are in place:

  1. Immediate Action: The rider is obligated to promptly move away from the motorcycle following a crash.

  2. Injured Rider: If the rider sustains an injury, they should remain in place and avoid any further movement.

  3. Medical Assistance: Our crash and medical staff members will respond swiftly to assist the rider involved in the crash.

  4. Assessment: If the rider is deemed okay by medical personnel and the motorcycle is found to be fit for continued use after a follow-up tech inspection, the rider can return to the track. However, they may need to wait until the next available session before rejoining the track., 

Yes, even experienced street riders are required to sign up for the Novice group. This group offers valuable opportunities, including lead-and-follow sessions to familiarize you with the track layout and racing lines. Additionally, you can attend classes to learn useful tips and techniques for safer and faster riding, enhancing your skills.

If you feel ready to advance to the next group after learning the track, our instructors will assess your performance, and if space permits, we will assist you in transitioning to a higher-level group.

Absolutely no 1-1 coaching is allowed via anyone other than our staffed coaches or guest coaches. 

Please do not be this person, because if you get caught doing this, both you & your 1-1 coach will be asked to leave without any refunds

If you want to see someone on our professional guest coach list, please email us at [email protected]

For most events, the day will go as follows:

  • 7:00am – Gates, Registration and Tech open
  • 8:15AM – Registration Closed
  • 8:30-8:45 AM – Riders Meeting – must attend MANDATORY for everyone
  • 9:00am – Expert (A) group
  • 9:15am – Intermediate Experienced (B)
  • 9:30am – Intermediate New (C)
  • 9:45am – Novice (D)
  • The groups will continue on this schedule until lunch typically 12PM-1PM
  • 1:00 PM – Expert (A) group
  • 1:15 PM – Intermediate Experienced (B)
  • 1:30 PM – Intermediate New (C)
  • 1:45 PM – Novice (D)
  • The groups will continue on this schedule until the end of the day
  • 5:00pm – Track goes cold and closes for the day

Maximum Age – Absolutely Not!

Minimum Age – Individual venues may have rules that differ from our rules; venue rules always supersede our policy. It is recommended that you verify age policies with the track prior to registration.

We do not provide medical insurance. All riders are responsible for providing their own personal medical insurance coverage

We operate with a no-cash-back refund policy

There are no refunds for any product i.e. trackdays, weekends, packages, season passes, memberships, 1 on 1 coaching and/or any rental items (Go Pro, Lap timers etc.). 

Great way to Save Extra $$$$ – but there are some Rules…

The Good Part

  1. Voucher cards never expire!!
  2. Voucher cards can be used to buy any of our track events (individual or weekend track days) and accessories (add-ons, memberships, etc.)

The Ehh part..

  1. Voucher cards cannot be refunded – no exceptions!
  2. Voucher cards cannot be transferred to any other individuals or be used to purchase anything for anyone else – Voucher cards can be used for yourself only
  3. Voucher cards cannot be used to buy bundled packages, special flash pricing sale events
  4. Voucher cards can only be purchased during the promotional period – usually upto 2 weeks before Thanksgiving
  5. Voucher cards have no actual cash value and can only be used to purchase track events and accessories from Precision Track Days

If you have any questions or something is not clear, please feel free to contact us

If you hold a paid membership, even more flexible credit and transfer options are available. Please refer to the membership details page for information on transfer privileges associated with your membership. 

We are all about the RIDERS!! We want you to BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE!!

  1. Everyone is eligible for a credit up-to 16 or more days before event:

    1. Anyone (members or non-members) can receive credit (i.e. what you paid) towards a future event up to 16 or more days before the registered event, without any additional fees.

  2. Non-Members can change dates between 8 to 15 days before event start date by paying a fee

    1. Non-members can change their single-day or weekend event to a future event between 8 to 15 days before the registered event by paying a fee + any difference in price for the new event (please note no refunds or credits are given if the price difference is negative) provided space is available:

      1. $80 for a single day and

      2. $125 for a weekend.

      3. No credits or date changes are allowed within 7 days of the event for non-members

  3. Only PAID members can transfer their spot to other members – BOTH riders must be active & paid members. If you are not an active and paid member, please do not ask for this, just become a member to take advantage.
  4. 1 on 1 coaching with Precision Track Day Coaches can be transferred to a different day or credited based on the same policy as track days
    1. Credits cannot be transferred to any one else
    2. Credits cannot be refunded
    3. 1on1 with specialized guest coaches are not eligible to be changed or credited. These are use it or lose it products. 
    4. All credits must be utilized in the current year meaning you must use them on an order in the year which the credit was issued. The actual event can be anytime
    5. Credits cannot be applied to already paid existing orders
    6. Credit & transfer options are not available for any bundled packages – such as but not limited to 2024 JenningsGP bundle,  TalladegaGP bundle, VIR bundle, CMP Bundle or the 2024 season pass. These are use it or lose it products.
    7. Credit & transfer options are not available for any schools – such as but not limited to Mark Morrow’s Advance Technique School and Race Certification School. The trackday and the school when bought together cannot be split. These are use it or lose it products. 

Please reference table below for a summary of the credit & transfer policy described above


Image 12-25-23 at 3.38 PM

Due Dates for Credits & TRANSFERS



*We reserve the right to change any of these policies at any times without any notice