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  • Required Motorcycle Gear
    • A DOT, ECE or SNELL approved FULL-FACE helmet (max 5 years old, please check your manufacturing date)
    • Full Gauntlet gloves, they must have full wrist coverage
    • Over-the-ankle riding boots 
    • A one or two-piece riding “undamaged” leather suit, if two-piece, it must zip together!
    • You can have N number of camera’s on your bike as long as they are safely secured (ideally via a safety wire) to a secondary point on your motorcycle.
      • Please note NO helmet or chest or arm or leg  mounted (regardless of mounting position:front, side, top, back etc.) cameras are allowed on the track
      • No INSTA 360 sticks allowed!
    • Front & Back protectors are highly recommended!! Air bag vests are the ultimate level of protection, if you can afford it, please wear them!
    • Ear Plugs are also highly recommended!

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  • Motorcycle Requirements
    • Group D – Beginner
      • ANY motorcycle that is in good mechanical condition (nothing leaking, nothing lose)
      • Good Tires (atleast 50% or more life remaining)
      • Good Brake Pads (atleast 50% ore more life remaining)
      • Mirrors/Lights/Turn Signals/Brake Lights/License Plates must be all taped or removed
      • Your throttle must be able to return back and self-close
      • The kill-switch must be functional
      • Your motorcycle must display a 2 or 3 digit number – it can be any could be a painters tape job too :)
      • Wheel weights must be removed or taped
      • Regular coolant is permitted in Novice Group Only
    • Everyone Else – Group C, B,  A
      • In addition to everything in novice, make sure you are using a water, water wetter, or a non-ethyl glycol based antifreeze/coolant – some e.g include Engine Ice and Water Wetter
      • You must safety wire all things that create a mess on the track such as (but not limited to) oil drain plugs, oil filter, and oil fill caps. For group B & C only, if you do not have the ability to safety wire, you must use a dab of silicon on the oil drain plug and oil fill cap to have them avoid coming lose. For A groups, everything must be safety wired
      • It is highly recommended to also safety wire your brake caliper bolts and your aftermarket hand grips
      • Your motorcycle must display a 2 or 3 digit number – it can be any could be a painters tape job too or if you want to be fancy, you can get some thing from epic superbike designs :)

Please note that if you spill oil on the track, your day will come to an end and no refund/credit will be issued

It’s crucial to check the specific requirements and guidelines for your group. Always ensure that your motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition, and consider having it inspected by a professional if required. Prioritize safety and adhere to all the rules and recommendations provided.

If you fail tech or gear inspection, no refund or credit will be provided