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Graduates receive a diploma that allows them to proceed directly to  competition with the following race orgs

Race certification graduates receive a diploma recognized by WERA, CCS, VRRA, USCRA, PanAmSBK, and AHRMA. This product includes track day costs

Class size up to 25 students, max of 4 students per instructor

The race certification school is specifically designed to teach an ALL STUDENTS OF ALL LEVELS everything they need to know before they start their track or racing journey

There is no minimum experience requirement but it is assumed that the rider already knows how to ride a motorcycle comfortably at a high rate of speed – atleast Precision Track Day Group C (New Intermediate)

The school covers a large variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Flags,
  • Procedures,
  • Situational awareness,
  • Risk management,
  • Safety protocol,
  • Riding techniques,
  • Line selection,
  • Passing
  • Common mistake avoidance,
  • Bike setup, basic racecraft and general strategies for success in competition.

    If competition with a different race org is the goal, let us know and we will seek certification with them. School features a track walk (where allowed) 6 classroom sessions, 5 on track sessions a written exam and a mock race at the end of the day.

About Mark Morrow


I started riding motorcycles before i was big enough to touch the ground. Despite getting such an early start, my parents never allowed me to race so i never had a chance to even try racing until i moved out. I tried a few motoX events but found myself very uncompetitive against kids half my age that had been racing since they could walk so i put my racing dream on hold. 

In 1994, I moved to NC and by chance made friends with some people that club raced with WERA. It wasn’t long before i found myself taking my race school with ED Bargy and a few weeks later, lined up on the grid for my first race with WERA in Feb 95.  Quite the opposite to my motoX experience, i found i was instantly competitive, coming home from my first race weekend with all top 10 finishes, including a 4th and a 2nd! I finished the year 2nd in points, 3rd in the Nation in WERA Clubman and got bumped to expert in 96. I won my first National Championship the following year in 97 and since then have managed to race at least one race (if not many more) every year. in the 28 years of racing since i starting in 1995, I have won hundreds of individual race wins and 54 National Championships, with WERA, AHRMA AMA and Pan Am Sbk.

In 2003, Ed Bargy took notice and brought me on as one of his coaches, giving me the opportunity to get a lot more track time and also awakening a part of me i previously wasn’t very aware of: the desire to teach others. After a few years of coaching for him, I realized i really enjoyed the coaching part more and more. In 2019, i heard a rumor that AHRMA was looking for a new instructor for their new racer school, so i threw my hat in the ring and got the job! 

I had to create my own curriculum, which was both daunting but very rewarding. I used my experiences from the past 25 years of very successful club racing to create a very dynamic curriculum that focuses on going after the low hanging fruit and gets students focused on going fast in a safe fashion, all while minimizing risks or taking unnecessary chances. During the 3 years i ran the AHRMA Academy of Roadracing, I matriculated over 225 students, the majority of which went on to race, many becoming national /champions and a few even moving on to great success in Moto America. I learned a lot running the school for AHRMA but was itching to step out on my own, so in 2023, I created the Mark Morrow Roadracing School.

Th Mark Morrow Roadracing School is still focused on getting new racers licensed for competition on the track, but our focus has also been broadened to include track day enthusiasts that are looking to improve their speed and confidence. Racing and trackdays share many commonalities but also have many differences, so the school now caters to both and is a great way for ANY track rider to increase their knowledge, skill, confidence and speed. 

I am still very active with my racing and plan to continue racing for quite some time, but the school is now my main focus and my greatest enjoyment comes from seeing my students succeed on the track, regardless of whether that success means winning a race, setting a pb or getting that elusive :”bump”.