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Guidelines, Process, best practices & Disclaimers


  • Transfer transactions can only occur between members 
    • Both the seller and buyer must have an active basic or premium membership
  • Both the seller and buyer must be in the same skill riding group for the transfer to be completed successfully
    • The riding skill group cannot be changed during a transfer i.e. if you bought an expert spot, you can only sell this spot to another member who is also an expert
  • Transfer deadlines are as follows
    • Basic Members: 48 hours before event start, this means for most events it will be before 8AM EST on Thursday
    • Premium Members: Before event start, this means for most events it will be before 8AM EST on the day of event
  • If you meet the above conditions, you can transfer your order to any paid & active member (basic or premium) for any reason
  • If you do not have a membership, you are not eligible to transfer your spot. You must purchase membership before transferring your spot


To initiate the transfer, please complete the form below after confirming that you meet the provided guidelines.

You’ll need the following information: your Customer ID (seller), Buyer’s Customer ID, and the Order ID you intend to transfer.

Either the seller or the buyer can use the self-service form below. Only ONE party should submit the form. Please do not SUBMIT multiple times as it will delay the transfer and can result in failed transfers as well

Once submitted, the following automated emails will be generated:

  1. A verification email will be sent to the seller for confirmation.

    • The seller must review, verify, and click “Confirm Transfer” for the transfer process to continue forward.
  2. The buyer will receive an email with details about the pending transfer.

After a successful transfer:

  1. Both the seller and the buyer will receive confirmation emails.
    • The buyer will be confirmed as registered for the event with a new order ID.
    • The seller will be notified that all applicable items from their order have been transferred, and they will no longer have a valid spot or certain add-ons for the event.

Note: Any part of the order that is not eligible to be transferred will remain with the seller, and a new order ID will be created for them and sent to the seller.

Why did my transfer fail? 

It could be for many reasons such as, but not limited to

  • Either the seller or buyer is not a paid & active member
  • The riding skills group do not match
  • The deadline for the transfer has passed and/or the event has already started
  • The seller has not confirmed the transfer


  • Always verify that the other party has an active paid membership, date of event and riding skill group 
  • You can always verify the contents of any order by contacting us at [email protected] 
  • Please be mindful of the deadlines – do not expect to start a process at 7:59:59AM and expect it to be completed successfully. Due to multiple network conditions beyond our control, you can miss the transfer deadline. Always begin the process early!


  • You can transfer either the first day, the second day, or both days of the event.
    • Keep in mind that when you make a selection, everything in the order for that day, including any add-ons like 1-on-1 coaching or rentals, will be transferred to the buyer along with the track day spot.


  • Precision Track Day LLC and/or any of its members, vendors, administrators, authors or anyone else connected with Precision Track Day LLC, in any way whatsoever, are NOT responsible in any shape or form for the monetary or accuracy aspect of the transfer
  • Both the buyer and seller are individually responsible for completing the process accurately to complete the transfer
  • Both the buyer and seller are individually responsible for completing the transfer transaction accurately, including but not limited to exchanging of any monetary elements, verifying memberships, date of events and riding skill group

Self Service Transfer Form